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Self Defense Moves for Every Women



Protection is self-defense

Walking alone and being uncomfortable? Women get a weird feeling on the bus from an alien? There were plenty of us. 81 percent of women nationally reported sexual harassment, assault, or both in their lifetime in a study of 1,000 people in January 2018. The most common form of verbal abuse was, but 51% of women claimed that they were unwelcome harassed or kissed while 27% of women survived sexual assault.But if you have felt physically vulnerable, reminding yourself that the next steps will be taken (and what you would do to protect yourself in the event of an unexpected situation), you will make all the difference.

A research from the University of Oregon showed that women who enrolled in a self-defense class reported that they had enhanced protection measures in place to deal with outsiders and people they met had a greater sense of self-confidence with the possible attack or violence. Below are our top eight women self-defense programs and guidance to help you feel ready to protect yourself in any situation.



Concentrate on sensitive areas:

Focus on vulnerable positions of women attacker: lips, nose, mouth, and groin. To ensure full effect in all the following movements in one or more of these regions.


Avoid the chest and knees

Do not hit the chest as it is usually ineffective. With the knees, a certain kick may be too dangerous for the average individual.

During execution using your entire power and aggression. Let it be known you’re a powerful lady. Take advantage of your voice, too. Be quick to threaten the offender and make sure someone is nearby.

1.Hammer Strike:

One of the best ways to protect women themselves is by using your car keys. Don’t use your fingernails, because you are more likely to damage your hands. If you feel nervous when walking at night, then, the hammer hits with your key from one side of your fist. Another way of using your keys is by clicking on a lanyard to pull on your assailant.

For performance:

  • Keep your key ring tightly, like holding a hammer, with the keys on your hand.
  • Thrust down to your goal.


2.Groin Kick:

If someone approaches from the front, a leap will paralyze the attacker with the intensity required to make the escape possible.

To do:

  • Stabilize yourself as much as possible.
  • Lift your dominant leg from the ground and continue to pull your knee up.
  • Extend your dominant leg, move hips forward, slightly lean, and kick strongly and get in touch with the attacker’s neck region.


Move the knee to the groin if the attacker is too near. Make sure that you are stable and not at risk.


  1. Heel palm strike:

The step may cause nose or throat damage. For hide, go as far as possible before your attacker.


  • Flex your wrist with your dominant hand.
  • The target is either to go to the assailant’s nostrils or to jabbing upwards under the chin of the assailant.
  • Ensure the attack is recoiling. Rapid withdrawing from your arm will help the attacker pull up and down.
  • This will make your assailant reverse and allow you to escape from their grip.


An open palm can be highly disturbing to the eye.


4.Elbow strike:

If the aggressor is in close proximity and you can’t move the elbows or knock them out enough momentum.


  • Stabilize with a solid core and legs if necessary, to achieve a powerful blast.
  • Bend the arm at the elbow and push your weight forward and hit the elbow in the throat, jawline, chin or temple of your attacker. Both of these are successful goals.
  • You should loosen the attacker’s hold and let him fly.


5. Alternative elbow strike:

You could be in a stronger position for variants of the elbow blow, depending on how you stand when you are initially struck.

From front:

  • Raise your elbow to the height of the shoulder.
  • Switch on the same side foot and allow your hips to turn and make your elbow more dynamic when you strike.

For side-and-back performance:

  • Make sure you see the objective.
  • Take your elbow up and rotate your opposite foot, turn the hips and make contact with your elbow’s back part.


6.Rush out of a ‘Bear Embrace’:

You’ll want to use this move-in situation where the attacker enters from behind. Concentrate on being low and making space for yourself. Bend from the waist.

To perform:

  • This increases the weight of your attacker and makes it harder for you to pick up. It also gives you a perfect stance at which to bring elbows side by side to the chest of the attacker.
  • Switch on the attacker and start with one of your elbows.
  • This would allow women’s room to completely turn, to hurt your face, or to hit the groin with another move. You may flee and run away from the space created by these movements.


7.Fleeing with hands caught:

If the assailant approaches from behind and locks the arms (which is similar in appearance to a bear hug, but cannot be moved as freely) so what to do is do this:

  • The first reaction is to avoid the assailant’s arms from going up into a headlock. Turn to one hand the thighs. This unlocks the door with open-handed slaps to hits.
  • Return your hand to your arms and lift your opposite elbow to the cover. Keep your arms close as you turn on your side.
  • Stay violent until you can disengage your knees and other counterattacks.

8. Siding headlock escape:

The first reaction will be to stop being hit as the attacker wraps the arm around your ear.


  • Move to the side of the attacker to prevent being squeezed as much as possible.
  • Slap the groin open with your hand that is as far away as possible, until you have ample strength to turn your head around.

Where or how to practice:

if anyone comes at you from the front, side or back, you can be able to protect yourself correctly with basic self-defense skills. In your town, please register if Krav Maga or muay Thai courses are offered. Muay Thai is a fighting sport based on stand-up techniques in Thailand. Krav Maga is a revolutionary form of women’s self-defense. To develop power and practice self-defense techniques in a high-intensity environment, check out your nearest kickboxing or any other martial arts courses, such as karate. Equipped with certain fundamental knowledge of self-defense, young and old women may have faith in their personal safety and security, urban citizens or tourists. Any form of combat or women self-defense you take, it will help you develop muscle memory. This muscle memory can be the secret to fleeing an attacker in a fight or flight situation.

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Massive Earthquake in Southern Mexico on June 25, 2020




Southern Mexico was hit by a massive earthquake, which killed at least six people, led buildings hundreds of miles away, causing residents to flee their homes and their workplaces in the open air for protection in the streets. The magnitude of the earthquake was 7.5 in the Pacific coastal area around 14 miles toward the south of Crucecita, a beach city located in the southern state of Oaxaca that was very popular among tourists, according to the Mexico national seismological services.


The United States Geological Survey has however measured the magnitude at 7.4; provisional calculations are not uncommon to differ. The very same region was hit on Monday night by another quake estimated in the US to be 4.9. The National Seismological Service of Mexico stated that 1,571 aftershocks were in effect from early Wednesday. It happened at 10:29 (Local time).

Governor of Oaxaca, Alejandro Murat, said at least six citizens in the region had been killed by the earthquake on Wednesday. The Governor also said that approximately 500 homes and four archeological sites and several schools were destroyed. The toll information and the media reports have revealed scrapes from certain damaged Oaxacan buildings.
The President, Mr. Andrés Manuel López Obrador, told a Twitter video, which he posted early in the evening, about one of his series, relaying a series of updates from Mr. León and others. The president said, a phone hit his ear, “collapsed, broken glass, falling signs, walls, but really nothing serious.”

Mr. López Obrador urged all to be alert and calm for further earthquake warnings. “there would be no more harmful post-shocks, hopefully and I wish for all my soul,” he said. Much of the area adjacent to the epicentre, and more than 90 miles from Oaxaca, the state capital, is the nearest city to the city. Buildings swayed over 300 miles Northwest from Mexico City, but local news reports revealed little harm to the rest of the building façades that had fallen away. The Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum of Mexico City said no “significant” impacts from an earthquake had been confirmed by either the security command center or officials carrying out municipal overflights.

The earthquake was pronounced “horrible,” by Flora Pedro Mora, the owner of the Mansiones Cruz del Mar, condo-hotel building near Crucecita. “It was like the film,,” she said, shuddering audibly. But she added that the property was not severely damaged, apart from certain wooden beams that were chucked adrift and fell to earth. While some hotels and resorts, known as Huatulco, began to re-open in the last week in response to the pandemic following a prolonged closure, guests were still at Mansiones Cruz del Mar. Petróleos Mexicanos, the state-owned oil firm, confirmed that the earthquake had led to its refinery temporarily shut-down in the port of Salina Cruz, where a fire quickly erupted.

A “potential threat” from a tsunami across the shores of Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, the United States’ National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration said, but revoked it a few hours later. After the tremor, tiny seismic waves were reported by the ocean boots — too little to have a significant impact. Effective offshore earthquakes, such as Fukushima, Japan in 2011 and Aceh, Indonesia province in 2004, can cause devastating tsunamis. But the earthquake that are causing of that kind of damaging waves are tough to anticipate.

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Covid 19 : Ramdev’s Patanjali launches Coronil kit for Corona virus treatment in India




Balkrishna had claimed earlier this month that the company’s Ayurvedic drug could cure Covid-19 patients within 3-14 days.

On Tuesday, the company launched ‘coronil and Swasari’ in Patanjali Yogpeeth, Haridwar, claiming that the Ayurvedic cure for the treatment of COVID- 19 was 100% positive in the clinical trials of the patients affected. Patanjali Ayurved MD Acharya Balkrishna said the company’s Ayurvedic medicine had healed COVID-19 patients within 3-14 days.

Highlights from the launch event of the Patanjali Coronil kit: Baba Ramdev also says that the corona drugs he releases are not side-effects.

Patanjali states that a total of 100 patients with positive coronavirus were recruited for the controlled clinical trial. Of the 95 studied, 1 patient lost the monitoring details and 4 withdrew consent, according to Patanjali. Patanjali.
Criteria for exclusion from the Clinical Study Program of Patanjali (claimed)
1) Significantly symptomatic patients (SaO2 < 90%)

2) Audible breathing distress syndrome

3) Life expectancy less than 1 year because of other co-morbidities

Inclusion criteria for the clinical study plan of Patanjali (claimed)
1) confirmed cases of RT-PCR

2) 15-60 years old

Two random groups were formed: 1) placebo arm and 2) clinical study plan treatment arm.
The claims of Patanjali,
1) 100% recovery from coronavirus infection with Patanjali Ayurvedic medicine within 7 days of diagnosis.

2) In the treatment group, the levels of hsCRP and IL-6 were reduced compared to the placebo group.

3) Weaker IL-6 response, involving lower risk of cytokine storm, was demonstrated by Ayurvedic treatment.

We will also launch an e-commerce service to deliver drugs, according to Acharya Balkrishna, within two hours of placing orders.
Acharya Balkrishna says that we’ve used minerals with herbs to make this medicine even more effective.
Patanjali claims that his package can also be used as coronavirus prevention.
The Corona kit is only available at €545 according to Acharya Balkrishna. The corona package has 30 days of medicines.
Patanjali says that we are researching the drugs on mice and rats.
This kit is not available anywhere now, it will be available in one week in Patanjali shops, Baba Ramdev says.
Since December 2019, we started working on Corona medicines, says Patanjali.
We developed the first clinically controlled Ayurvedic, research, evidence and test-based COVID19 medicine. We performed a clinical case study and controlled clinical trial and found 69% of patients recovered within 3 days and 100% recovered in 7 days, says Baba Ramdev.
We will even test people on fans, says Baba Ramdev.
It is not a booster of immunity, but a treatment for coronavirus, says Baba Ramdev.
Baba Ramdev says that an app is launched to deliver the Corona kit.
The mortality rate was 0 percent and the recovery rate was 100 percent, says Baba Ramdev.
In three days, 69 percent of the people recovered, Baba Ramdev says.
Baba Ramdev says that we have done every work and are going to answer all questions.
Patanjali claimed that the Patanjali Research Institute, Haridwar and Jaipur National Institute of Medical Sciences jointly conducted controlled clinical studies.
After COVID-19, we appointed a team of scientists. First, simulation was carried out and compounds that can suppress the virus and stop it from spreading across the body were identified. Then, Balkrishna said we conducted a case study in hundreds of positive patients and obtained 100 % positive results.
“After taking our medicine the patients of COVID recovered and tested negative after 3-14 days. So we can say the COVID treatment is possible only with Ayurveda. In the next 4-5 days there will be evidence and data from us,” Balkrishna said earlier this month.


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Indian Army Commander’s decision on the scenario in Ladakh East



India and China

Reports suggest that India has changed engagement rules in China LAC. Reports show that from now on, Indian Army allows field commanders in the Indian-China LAC to use firearms in the event of ‘extraordinary’ circumstances. Another Lt General Talks between India and China are reportedly being held. The two parties explore ways to ease boundaries in the Galwan Valley, east Ladakh, between the two Asian sides. The bilateral relations between India and China first hit the rock bottom since hostilities in the 1960s. India and China were losing their lives on the Controlling Line or LAC for the first time in as many years. In a deadly clash on the night of 15/16 May, 20 people from the Indian Army were martyred. China, however, has not yet received a number, suffered as well. Reports indicate that somewhere between 40-45 were Chinese victims. Yes, the site of a violent clampdown on the Galvan Valley of eastern Ladakh was strongly objected to Chinese “exaggerated” statements and said those border events would have a serious bearing on bilateral relations.

india vs china

The reports suggest that in the event of “special” events in India and China, the India Army now allows the Indian Army to use Firearms. Further reports indicate that the central government has also provided the armed forces with an additional financial strength up to Rs 5 in the wake of tense frontier standoffs with China.

Speaking to ANI, Kharge said, “We ‘re ready to meet it if our country is to do anything. Our deep condolences are the Col Santosh Babu family members. Why’s the PM hiding true things? He told us that nobody has intruded our border. Our army hasn’t been to the other side of us, so I want to know who killed them. The decision was taken by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), the Central Office for Public Works, the Border Roads Office (BRO) and Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP), among others. The decision was taken during the high level meeting. In order to relieve border tensions, India and China hold military talks. In addition to military negotiations, the ANI News Agency said that both sides plan to engage soon at diplomatic level. Both parties’ officers are planning talks and there will soon be a meeting.

Indian and Chinese military commandeers held a second round of talks on Monday to alleviate tensions at their disputed border, with India’s public spirit hurting for an economic and military response to China after its worst conflict in over fifty years. A government source said that corps commanders met on the Chinese side of the Line of Real Control in Moldo from both sides.

The traders’ organization CAIT on Monday, in a clash between the Chinese and Chinese troops of the Galwan Valley last week, burned Chinese goods to the principal market in Delhi Karol Bagh show its resentment and anger over the killing of 20 Indian soldiers. Police were briefly taken to Karol Bagh Police Station by protest traders led by General Secretary of the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT). It claimed that Uddhav Thackeray, the Maharashtra Chief Minister, accepted the request to cancel three MOUs signed with Chinese companies recently by the Maharashtra administration. Khandelwal complimented Thackeray, saying, “This step is in accordance with the feelings of the people of the country and will be a teaching for China.” A national ‘Bhartiya Samaan-Hamara Abhimaan’ campaign has recently been launched by the traders body to boycott Chinese goods.

Chinese Minister and former CEO of the Indian Army Gen (retd) V. Singh’s remarks on Monday refused to comment on the observations that in the Galwan valley clash over 40 Chinese soldiers in East Ladakh were killed, stating that it had no publication on the subject. Speaker Zhao Lijian of the Chinese Foreign Minister, reiterated during the media presentation that “China and India are in contact to solve the situation on the ground via diplomatic and military channels.” Chinese foreign minister When asked what Singh said, he said: “I have no information to release on that.” Beijing has repeatedly declined to comment on the specifics of the deaths on its side since the confrontation between Indian and Chinese troops in the Galwan Valley on 15 June. Singh on Saturday told an online news channel that “If we lost 20 troops, more than double the amount was fired on their [China] side.” Commentating on the recent Indian-Chinese border standoff.

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