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Sushant Singh Rajput’s house being bought by Adah Sharma



sushant singh rajput

Yes, there are reports that actress Adah Sharma has bought the Mumbai flat of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput. The flat is located in Mont Blanc Apartments in Bandra, and it is the same flat where Sushant Singh Rajput died by suicide in 2020.

The news of Adah Sharma buying the flat was first reported by a Bollywood photographer on Instagram. The photographer shared a photo of Adah Sharma outside the flat, and he claimed that she had bought it.

Adah Sharma’s team has not yet confirmed the news, but they are said to be in talks with the owner of the flat. It is believed that Adah Sharma will be moving into the flat soon.

The purchase of Sushant Singh Rajput’s flat by Adah Sharma has been met with mixed reactions. Some people have praised Adah Sharma for buying the flat and giving it a new life. Others have criticized her for buying the flat, saying that it is disrespectful to Sushant Singh Rajput’s memory.

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Only time will tell how Adah Sharma will use the flat. However, it is clear that her decision to buy it has generated a lot of interest and discussion.

Sushant Singh Rajput

Sushant Singh Rajput (1986-2020) was an Indian actor who gained prominence in the Indian film industry. He started his career in television and became widely known for his role in the TV series “Pavitra Rishta.” He transitioned to the film industry and starred in movies like “Kai Po Che!,” “Shuddh Desi Romance,” “PK,” “M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story,” “Kedarnath,” and others.

Sushant Singh Rajput’s acting skills and charming personality earned him a significant fan base. However, his untimely death on June 14, 2020, shocked the nation and sparked widespread discussions on mental health issues, nepotism, and the overall workings of the entertainment industry in India.

sushant singh rajput

His death was initially reported as a suicide, though there was a lot of speculation and controversy surrounding the circumstances. Investigations, media coverage, and public discussions shed light on the challenges faced by individuals in the entertainment industry, including issues related to mental health and the struggles of outsiders trying to make a mark in a competitive and sometimes insular industry.

Sushant Singh Rajput’s passing prompted conversations about mental health awareness, the importance of seeking help, and the need for a supportive environment for people in all walks of life. His legacy continues to impact the entertainment industry and discussions around mental health in India.

Sushant Singh Rajput, a talented and versatile actor, emerged as a rising star in both television and cinema. Beginning his journey with the TV series “Pavitra Rishta,” he quickly captured hearts with his charismatic performances. Transitioning to films, he showcased his prowess in movies such as “Kai Po Che!,” “Shuddh Desi Romance,” and “PK,” each role adding to his diverse repertoire.

However, it was his portrayal of Mahendra Singh Dhoni in “M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story” that catapulted him to new heights of fame. Sushant’s dedication to his craft was evident in the meticulous way he approached his characters, delving deep into their complexities. “Kedarnath” further underscored his ability to immerse himself in roles, captivating audiences with his on-screen presence.

Tragically, Sushant’s life was cut short in June 2020, sending shockwaves through the industry and his fans alike. While authorities initially reported his demise as a suicide, the circumstances remained clouded in controversy. The incident reignited discussions on mental health, the prevalence of nepotism, and the challenges faced by outsiders within the entertainment sphere.

His passing prompted an outpouring of grief and a rallying call for more open conversations about mental well-being. The entertainment fraternity found itself under scrutiny, with many calling for a more inclusive and empathetic environment. Sushant’s legacy is indelibly linked to these crucial dialogues, reminding us all of the importance of compassion, support, and understanding, both in the industry and beyond.

sushant singh rajput

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Oscar and Ava Jackman are the offspring of Hugh and Deborra-Lee Jackman.





Reps for both parties have confirmed the split of Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness Jackman, who were married for 27 years.

Hugh and Deb Jackman confirmed the news to TODAY in a statement made on September 15. The message was first reported by People.

We’ve been married over 30 years, and it’s been the best time of our lives. We’ve reached a fork in the road and must go our separate ways if we want to continue developing as individuals.

The statement read, “Our family has been and always will be our highest priority.” “We enter this new chapter with appreciation, affection, and consideration. We ask that you please respect our need for privacy during this difficult time in our lives.

The Deb Jackman summed up their statement by saying, “This is the only statement either of us will make.”

The Australian actors marked 27 years together in the business in April of 2023.
An Instagram photo of the couple was captioned, “I love you Deb,” by the “X-Men” actor.

We’ve been married for 27 years today! 27 YEARS!! Honestly, I adore you. We are a beautiful family because of each other. and living. You have given me a great gift with your humor, generosity, humor, cheekiness, courage, and loyalty. With every beat of my heart, I love you.

Hugh and Deborra-Lee c have two children, Oscar, 23, and Ava, 18; both were adopted when they were small.

In case there was any doubt, Deb and I always intended to adopt. In 2012, Hugh Jackman told Katie Couric that the intention was always there. “We tried biologically, and it just wasn’t happening for us; this is a trying moment, and we don’t know where in the process that would happen. Deb experienced two miscarriages despite our use of in vitro fertilization. Miscarriage is something I will never forget; it affects one in three pregnancies but is rarely spoken.

He continued, “I hope Deb doesn’t mind me bringing it up now; it’s almost covert. Discussing it is beneficial. It’s more typical, and it can be challenging. You need to go through a period of mourning.

Hugh and Deborra-Lee Jackman have two children, Oscar and Ava, and this is all the information we have about them.

Oscar Jackman, now 23
Oscar Jackman, born on May 15, 2000, was adopted by the Jackmans.

To Couric, the “Wolverine” actor said, “all the heartache (of miscarriage) just melted away” after the birth of their son Oscar.

The Jackmans did their best to instill their heritage in their offspring.

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“When my son was younger, he found out he was part Bosnian, so we went and got this Croatian/Bosnian cookbook and he was very proud to carry that around when he was 7 years old,” Deborra-Lee Jackman said to People in 2020. “We’ve been to Mexico because my daughter has Mexican ancestry.”

When Oscar first started thinking about ladies, he didn’t see his father as famous.

Once he found himself on a beach. Hugh Jackman told ET in 2018 that when he was “about 13 he was talking to a girl, and he was talking to a girl who I guess was about 15, and he started walking towards me.” ‘Dad, Dad, Dad, she’s coming over,’ he said as he walked up to me ahead of the female. Just pretend you’re Wolverine, I told her. When my son was 13, I told him, “I am the wingman for my 13-year-old boy.”

Aged 18 years, Ava Jackman
Ava Jackman was adopted as an infant by the Jackman family.
Hugh Jackman was absolutely smitten with 4-year-old Ava in 2009.

“(She) loves school,” he gushed to Couric. ‘She can’t wait to get out of here. She tells me all about her day when she gets home, and how much she loves life and how much she is just like Deb. As a spectator, it’s hard to believe.

His daughter, he said, is very self-sufficient.

From the age of six months on, “you could not put a spoon to her mouth,” he said. Yes, “She could do it herself.”
The tiny girl had a penchant for order and cleanliness.

She “goes around the house closing drawers, picking things up,” he claimed.

Hugh Jackman’s performance as P.T. Barnum, co-founder of the Barnum & Bailey Circus, in “The Greatest Showman” (2017) is Ava’s father’s all-time favorite movie.

He told E! Insider, “My daughter commented, ‘This is the best movie you’ve ever done. To which the speaker responds, “So that was nice.”

Ava, however, strongly objected to her dad making a record just for the movie. As Hugh put it, “She said, ‘No, you should lip sync.

The father added that his daughter Ava is a “massive” fan of Zendaya, his co-star in “The Greatest Showman.”

“When I found out she was available for the part, I asked my daughter, ‘Have you heard of Zendaya?’ and she said, ‘Yeah, what do you mean?’ According to E! Insider, “it was like, ‘You are going to be in a movie with her?’ like I finally made it.”

According to Hugh, the movie set was swarmed by his daughter and her pals.

“I’ve never seen her starstruck, she was totally starstruck,” he continued.

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Gwyneth Paltrow’s body duplicate says, ‘It was like the worst aspects about being obese’




Gwyneth Paltrow

Both on and off screen, the world of film is full of fascinating stories. Intriguing tales include that of Ivy Snitzer, the woman who portrayed Gwyneth Paltrow’s physical double in the box office smash “Shallow Hal.” In addition to the film’s unique premise, Snitzer’s own life story also provided plenty of food for thought. Let’s dive into the fascinating life story of Ivy Snitzer, a woman who dealt with stardom, self-perception, and twists and turns.

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Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case to be handover to CBI




The CBI told the Supreme Court on Monday that Sushant Singh Rajput would be identified by the Central Bureau of Investigation ( CBI). In this context, the Center confirmed that it approved Bihar ‘s request.

Earlier on Tuesday, after a series of conflicting allegations made in this matter by the Bihar Police and Mumbai Police, Nitish Kumar government in Bihar formally recommended a CBI investigation to death Sushant Singh Rajput.


In his Mumbai flat on June 14, sushant Singh Rajput was found dead. At the beginning, the Mumbai police called it the suicide, but social media talk denied the version of the police and a CBI investigation drive began.

A few week before they approached the Bihar police to host a fire brigade looking for a investigation to the death of the actor, the Sushant Singh Rajput family remained quiet.

The family named in their FIR Rhea Chakrabort, a girlfriend and actor of Sushant Singh Rajput, who had only been registered in Patna following the speech by CEO Nitish Kumar.

For preliminary investigation leading to a clash with the police at Mumbai, a Bihar Police team went to Mumbai. A senior Bihar police officer was sent in Mumbai to resolve the issue, however.

In the allegation that local police officers were trying to shield the “son of one powerful politician” the police suspected non-operation from Mumbai Police. The police of Bihar Nitish Kumar wrote to the center proposing the CBI test as the tussle escalated and war of words ensued.

On the other hand, the Mumbai Police refused to allow Bihar Police to conduct their own investigation, according to Bihar Police. The Mumbai Police insists that a matter outside its control is handled by the Bihar Police.

On Monday, Mumbai Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh said, “If the law is valid, we will file and pass a ‘zero’ first report [FIR] if this incident has not happened within our jurisdiction.”

It also argued that Rhea Chakraborty ‘s counsel had appealed against the authority of the Government of Bihar to advise CBI on the death of Sushant Singh Rajput before the Supreme Court.

The point of the Bihar government is diametrically the other way around. The family of Sushant Singh Rajput lives in Patna and is an offended party after his death. The group has lodged a FIR alleging that the Mumbai police were not very serious about the matter.

Seven people, including Rhea, are accused of different offences, including suicide abetment (IPC Section 306), unlawful imprisonment (Section 342), abuse (Section 341), cheating (Section 420).

The Bihar Police began to probe that the police of Bihar were not working together and that the aggravated group, a resident of Bihar, had no confidence.

In order to have the matter primarily reported in Bihar transferred to Mumbai, Rhea Chakraborty approached the supreme court. This appeal is heard by the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court received 2 additional petitions seeking an order from the CBI test’s top court on the same grounds as the Bihar government had stated in its request.

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